MASISA is a benchmark in the production and marketing of wood boards and solutions for furniture and interior architecture; offering quality, innovative and sustainable products and services.

We are made up of more than 4,100 direct and indirect personnel who form the different teams within MASISA. Our businesses are forestry, industrial and commercial, which are developed in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the United States. In addition, we serve markets in Asia and North America.

Our new business model makes it easier for the organization to focus on products and services with higher added value, and reduces the need for industrial assets.

Our presence

We have developed a business of solutions for furniture and interior spaces, sawn wood and MDF moldings in Latin America, which also allows us to provide other services that complement our value proposition.

From our industrial operations in Chile, Mexico and Venezuela, to the forests in Argentina and commercial offices in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, we seek to transform the spaces of our clients.

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Our purpose

As a starting point for our transformation process, the company established a renewed common purpose in 2018.

We transform spaces, we inspire life.


We transform spaces: Our commitment goes hand in hand with innovation. Our primary motive is the delivery of solutions that improve spaces and the quality of life of our customers and their surroundings, always taking care of the environment

We inspire life: Our collaborators and customers are at the heart of what we do, along with the experiences that are generated in the spaces that we belong to. Our customers inspire our actions. We are a company committed to your dreams and to the enormous possibility of improving the quality of life by generating well-being


“We work every day with design, quality and sustainability to support the projects and dreams of our customers, collaborators, investors and communities in which we are present.”


“We want to be a company that improves people’s lives with our innovative products and solutions.”

Business Principles

Guidance for decision-making in the different areas of the business, which are also included in the contracts that the Company signs with its suppliers.

  • Economic Results: We continuously seek the creation of sustainable value.

  • Business Conduct: We maintain an ethical and transparent business commitment with high levels of governance.

  • Individual Conduct: We demand honest, upright and transparent personal conduct.

  • Relationships with Our Clients: We promote long-term relationships of trust with our clients, offering quality, innovative and sustainable products, as well as excellent services.

  • Relationships with Our Collaborators: We develop high-performance teams, in a healthy and safe work environment based on respect for human rights.

  • Relationships with Our Communities, Suppliers, Society and the Environment: We are committed to interacting with our neighbors, communities, suppliers, society and the environment, based on mutual respect and cooperation.

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